What vitamins should I buy for a child, nutriceuticals for children ?

Today, pharmacies offer a wide range of vitamin and mineral complexes for children, but you shouldn’t buy them.

Firstly, it is always better to choose monocomponent drugs – their digestibility is much higher, and the dosage is sufficient. Secondly, the quality of our popular multicomplex for children is not at all satisfactory.

For example, in the composition of the well-known multivitamin chewing bear-gum, the number of E-additives is simply off the charts, and this is a colossal load on the children’s liver.

‼️ Therefore, such complexes as Complivit Asset for Children, Multi-Tabs Junior, Vitabears, etc. are inconvenient to give to children, although very convenient. But if you really wish your kid a healthy life, here is a working collection for kids aged 4-12 years:

▫️Ascorutin – 10 tablets during the day
▫️ Rosehip fruit – 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.
▫️Spirulina VEL – 1 tab. 30 minute. before each meal.
▫️vigantol – check instructions
▫️Lucerne – insist for at least an hour, drink in the morning.
▫️ Nettle leaves – 30 minutes before lunch.
▫️ Mineral water ‘Donate MG’ is an excellent source of magnesium, children willingly drink it.

1:Escorutin and Rosehip Fruit

These pharmacy drugs are sources of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Vitamin C is a group of compounds with many isomers, where ascorbic acid is one of many. Rosehip contains most of the vitamin C isomers.

2: Spirulina, Effessern and Nettle Leaves

These are excellent sources of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Unlike rosehip legumes, alfalfa and nettle can be brewed in a kettle. The minimum extraction time is 30 minutes, optimally – 2-3 hourS

3: Vigantol

“Vigantol” is an oil solution of Vitamin D3. Unlike Aquadetrima, an aqueous solution of vitamin D3, Vigantol is much less likely to cause allergic reactions.

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