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Madness at Sea: The True Horror of Deep Sea Squid Hunting


Imagine being trapped on a ship with 32 other people, all slowly turning on each other as the lines between sanity and madness blur. This is the chilling true story of the 33 crew members who went deep sea squid hunting, and the terror that ensued.

The Voyage of the Damned

The deep sea liner 2682 set sail from China with a mission to hunt squid around South America. But what started as a routine expedition soon turned into a nightmare. Driven to madness, the crew turned on each other, engaging in a deadly ordeal that would only end when the ship finally returned home.

The Perfect Storm

From historical superstitions about bananas causing shipwrecks to unforeseen events like a family emergency, the crew was pushed to their limits. The constant wetness, stench of ammonia, and the challenge of dealing with hissing squid added to their woes. Chinese companies dominating the squid fishing industry and the impact on global seafood markets further complicated matters.

A Descent into Madness

The job of deep sea squid fishing is physically and mentally demanding, leading to severe exhaustion, lack of proper nutrition, and limited stress relievers. Recruiting inexperienced crew members for these demanding jobs only added to the chaos. The crew members were subjected to shocking treatment upon arrival, and family members were left waiting with no communication.

The Aftermath

The impact of the voyage was felt long after the ship returned home. The surviving crew members were found guilty and sentenced, with controversial statements and unequal punishments. The company compensated victims, but faced no consequences for their actions. The video leaves viewers with a haunting feeling, wondering how they would react in such a situation.


The story of the 33 crew members who went deep sea squid hunting is a chilling reminder of the dangers of isolation and the lengths that people will go to in order to survive. It highlights the importance of proper working conditions and the potential consequences of pushing people to their limits.

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