Realme GT India Launch, Nothing Phone (2a) Hands On, POCO F6 Specs,HMD Phone, iQOO Neo9 Pro-#TTN1546

Realme GT India Launch, Nothing Phone (2a) Hands On, POCO F6 Specs,HMD Phone, iQOO Neo9 Pro-#TTN1546

Realme GT India Launch, Nothing Phone (2a) Hands On, POCO F6 Specs,HMD Phone, iQOO Neo9 Pro-

Let’s start musketeers, let’s start moment’s tech news, how are you guys? I hope you guys are doing fantastic and India’s UPI is also veritably fantastic. Now if you go to Paris, Paris, or the AppleTower, also you’ll get the benefit of UPI. You’ll be suitable to buy tickets through Yes, in France also now UPI which we use in India, jeep,etc. also, you’ll be suitable to buy tickets for Isle Towers and you’ll be suitable to go and see Isle Towers correct, gradationally I suppose In a many times, musketeers, you’ll be suitable to use UPI each over the world. Imagine going any where, your UPI’ll be actuated in two twinkles and you’ll be suitable to pay.

And one further intriguing piece of news is coming, the day before history I told you that Nokia. Com is going to come from HMD Global, Under what name are they going to come from a new brand, but yes, let’s stay for AdC, everything will be known by the end of this month, let’s talk now about the new launches, musketeers, yes. lv3 has been officially launched in India. It’s of budget series, it is 6799, 6800, it’s for 4 GB, 64 GB, it’s a T60 6processor and it’s 90Hz announcement Plus TV screen. Yes, numerous budget FS are being launched, the good thing is that it’s about the global launch. I’m talking about it, it’s going to come veritably soon in India but it’s a phone with6.78 inch1.5 k 128K AMOLED display, it’s going to have a 7G processor, the upper variant is going to have 12GBRAM, 512 GB storehouse, it’s going to have 50 plus 50 megapixels. The camera will come at the reverse and the selfie is 50 mega pixels. 5000 mAh battery and 80 watts charging around 30000.

This is going to be but the camera is what’s veritably important. Let’s see. It’s going to be launched veritably soon. This will be launched by the end of the month. By the way, if you haven’t seen our forthcoming videotape from when the smartphones are being launched in the month also you’ll go and watch it. Now let’s talk about the forthcoming phase. Yes, I’ve told you about it. All p55 This is launching on February 8th, musketeers, this is also of budget series, this is also below Rs 10000, this is also an IF T606 processor, this also has 90 ″ IPS TV announcement Plus screen, 5000 mAhbattery but 45 watt presto.

Charging is also 78, which will be close to 9000 but 45 fastest charging under 10000 according to me is coming in the first half of February i.e., the alternate week of February, it’ll be launched in the cheapest 256 GB smartphone in India.6.56 inch 90hz. h plus display against 606 processor has 50- megapixel camera on the aft side has 32- megapixel selfie and is going to be under 8000 with 256gb storehouse wow by the way I need 9 pro2 is going to be great value for plutocrat set up itspre-bookings which It’s going to be launched from February 8th at noon and flash back this is going to be a great gaming phone and that too in themid-range and if youpre-book also you have to payRs. 2000 on amazon2 now, if you don’t buy alsoRs. 1. You’ll get it and you’ll get an fresh reduction ofRs. 000 if youpre-book, and by the way, let me tell you that you’ll also get 2 2- time bond on the smartphone, so not bad if youpre-book, also let’s take it with the pinch. This is the time for swab leaks and rumors. Hands- on images of Nothing 2a are out.

Yes, as always happens, everything becomes known a month before the launch. These are the same musketeers.6.7 inch 120 megapixel plus AMOLED screen, Diamond S 7200.

The processor is 50megapixels, the camera is 32megapixels, and the selfie is analogous to nothingFo 2, now this is B Vaadi ji, which is a plant in Tamil Nadu, where it’s going to be manufactured, so it’s going to be made in India and its Which is going to be launched, that’s mw6, it’s going to be launched coming month, it looks like yes, it’ll be on Diam City 6080 processor, it’ll have6.67 inch 120 AMOLED screen, it’s going to be below 15000, again if it’s a p phone also it’ll be value for plutocrat. It’s going to be, okay, like Nokia 1, this picking convention is going to be, this is the fuss, GT suckers are getting happy, it’s being said that the GT3 is coming back around in July and GT1 phone is going to be launched.

Their GT series is going to be Narcotics India. nic. in 128 LED display Diamond SD 9200 processor is going to be over to 12 GB RAM upto 512 GB storehouse 50 MP 8Megapixel camera is going to be 50 Megapixel selfie and 67W charging There’s a lot of competition going on in the laptop request. Is this right? They aren’t going to launch their laptops in India. They’re leaving the laptop request in India. Yes, they will do it in China, etc. But they won’t launch laptops in India only because they formerly have stock.etc., whatever is left, they will vend that important and after that, they will leave. Yes, if you’ll be suitable to induce crazy Samsung apple- system( praise) h

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