Protect $500,000 Keep It!

These tanks are literally about to rain missiles on this $500,000.And any money that doesn’t get destroyed, I’m giving to Blake.But lucky for you, I’m going to give you my credit card.And you can spend as much moneyas you wanttrying to protect this money from all of the missileswe’re going to be firing at your money.

So I just build whatever I want? –

Whatever you want.But you only have 24 hours before we fire the tanks.I need metal! Let’s go!Alright, let’s go boys! He’s running!We’re kicking this off with a sprint.All right, Blake, where are we heading to first?- I’m thinking the Junkyard.

Blake’s first 3 hoursconsisted of sourcing any metal he could find to protect his money.I mean, this looks like they have metal, even if that meant spending $30,000.Definitely want that. Want that All the trucks.- Basically, you just want every car here.

Yeah.Can you give me any of your shipping containers?

Let’s go out back!Yeah. This is good.Those would work well if I put them on top of the money.And is if buying out the entire store wasn’t enough.Blake did the same thing at two other industrial stores.Well, everything I get from you todayI would need within the next 12 hours.12 hours?- I’m willing to pay double.

– Ok, we’ll get it.It is very quick to throw my money around.$15,000And while we waited, for the materials to be delivered.We headed back to the money, and Blake laid out his official plan.You just spent the last hour strategizing.What did you come up with to stop the tanksfrom destroying your money?Step one I want to put a shipping container over the money.That is actually genius.Step two, giant water tanks.Do you think that’s your best defense?

I think it’s good, but it’s not the best.Step three these containers filled with bricks.hay and wood.Step four is my best defense.A fortress of strategically angled cars from the last video that I saw.Those bullets are going to hit those cars and ricochet elsewhere.If he actually builts everything you see here,I will be flabbergasted.

Let’s get to work. – Good luck.Unfortunately for Blake,it wouldn’t be for another 4 hours until his materials were delivered.So he hired some construction workers to help get the job done.I’m building a complete fortress.If we dropped the atomic bomb on this thing,the money’s not going anywhere.This is like an industrial construction site.

It started to look like Blakemight actually have a chance at protecting his money.But even if the 500 grand survives those tanks, the tanksare actually only the first of four phases of attacksBlake will have to defend.And believe me when I say this, they’re going to get much more challenging.For the rest of the night.

Blake and his crew worked tirelessly to defend the money,but by the time the sun rose, they still weren’t quite done.Looking good. Looking good.That’s the money. The tanks are over there.What is this car here for?

This is like my inventory back here, dude.Put your inventory between the money and the tank.Give me 10 minutes. And that white car will be ready.I mean, you have 5 minutes.I don’t think I even have time to do anything else.Time is up. Stop stop, time is up.Drop it. Drop it right there.Go far away.Blake, time is officially ended.

Seems pretty sturdy.Let’s go fire some tanks. I’ve been up for about 25 hours now.Just building and building and building.I mean, I’m looking at it now, and it looks great,But then I turn around and I see these five beasts,and then I see these shells that they’re working with.I really had no idea they’re going to be that big.You think a shipping container is stopping that?

Hopefully three of them are.Oh, man.All right, it’s time. Load up the tanks.All right.These five tanks aimed at your money are about to fire 20 rounds.Blake, fire the first shot.There’s so much dust.Oh my Gosh! Look at his face. Look at Blake’s face.No way his money is safe.So only 19 more right?19 more to go.Chandler Fire!

This is way too much fun.Oh, my God.All the way back here.I can count eight holes in that shipping container.Yeah, I see those holes.- No, shot his money is safe. – I’d ask you how you’re feeling.Well, we might as well fire the last few shots.Let’s just get this over with.Five shots.Four shots remain.Three shots remain.How much money do you have back there?

Like half a…Two remain.And of course, Blake, you have to fire the last shell.The honor is mine.After this, we’ll see if you have any money left.Let’s go.Oh, he’s running. He’s so fast.Is there any money?

Wait, it’s still there!Yes!Blake, it looked like your money survived.We got a fresh stack.I know you’re happy.We’re moving on to phase two of four and in 24 hours, we’re going to blow up the biggest bomb we’ve ever blown up in our history of the channel around this money.Are you going to drop it or are you going to shoot it?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll be right back.Blake, what do you think is in those green crates?I don’t know, dude it looks like…Here, I’ll answer for you.This is a hundred crates filled to the brim with TNT.How are you even allowed to do that?

I’m not sure it’s legal.And while we prepared one of the biggest explosion sin YouTube history.Blake began to strategize on how to keep his money safe.Step one, we got to take everything flammable out of here, man.

All the wood has got to go.Step two water tanks.Step three.I want to move the shipping containers that I got.I just want to close them in into the other shipping containers.Then step four is just walls, cement, bricks, cars, if I have to.Explosion is a lot worse than the tanks.This is bigger than that safe that blew up?

Yes.Every single thing inside that, destroyed.The first time he lost $250,000 in this video.Are we going to repeat it?No.With phase two commencing in just 18 hours,Blake gave the workers he hired a life changing speech.Gentlemen, we survive day one.- Yeah. – Yeah.Give it up, come on.You were good. You were great.But there’s still $500,000 back there.So let’s get to work.

Let’s do it! – Let’s go.- Yeah! Yeah! – Let’s go!And because at this point, Blake had been awake for over 24 hours,he trusted the construction workersto finish the job while he got a good night’s rest.Yeah, I’m going to bed. Good night, guys. This is Blake going dark.And because he was so exhausted,Blake slept for way longer than he planned.All right. I got a good night’s sleep.About to find out how much progress was really done overnight.Like half…Empty.That means nothing has happened since I’ve been gone.Yeah, that’s no good.Let’s see what it looks like over here, huh?Even after his inspiring speech, the workers that Blake hireddidn’t get much of his plan done.And with only 6 hours remaining, Blake did what he could by coveringhis weak spots with spare parts, bricks and more cars.Looking good in here, looking real good.- Oh, Mr. Jimmy, – What am I about to witness?

If you listen closely, you can hear beeping.It’s actually a school bus coming in.It’s going to be plopped right where you’re standing.I assume it’s not full of children.It’s a short bus.That is just not what I asked.Is our brand new, feastable bar, new flavor, new branding.- You want to try it, Blake? – Yeah.

I’m using our snack productsto distract them from telling them where to put the bus.Dude, honestly, this is better than all the other ones.-

All the other ones. – I promise.Anyone want a piece of chocolate?

Did you get that? Hey Blake!5 minutes till boom.I need 10 more minutes. Just give me five extra minutes.You have four minutes.- Bro, you spraying them with water. – Probably feels good.I don’t think they agree.They’re literally getting off the car.

They’ve got 90 seconds left.Blake, you’re running out of time.Go! Go!Come on.Come on.Hey! It’s five o’clock.Stop, stop, stop, turn it off, turn it off.Hey, hey, Blake. Turn it off before I start taking your money.Let’s go over to the bunker.You narrowly escaped death from the tanks.Let’s see if you can do it again.Let the sun go down so it’s a little darker now.This is the biggest bomb we’ve ever set off.This is the first bomb I’ve ever seen.Blake, are you nervous?

Yeah, I’m sweating now.This is the detonation device. Here you go.It’s live?Yes, it’s live.Two days of work, 17 cars, six water jugs for shipping containers and $500,000 on the line.Let’s find out if you’re going to be rich or go home with nothing.When you’re ready, Blake.Three,two, one.Mom, I love you.Oh my gosh.That firestorm is massive.- Can we go put that out?

– Before we go put it out.I’m just wasting time.Run!Grab the fire extinguisher!Go, go, go, go.Let’s go see if it burns!Oh, no.Oh, it’s on fire over there.Oh, no.Be careful of this.Get off my money.The fire still going on up front.Blake is moving sandbags

.Right there should be good.Please don’t be ashes. Please don’t be ashes.What do you see? What do you see?- I see green! – Oh, my gosh.Yeah, baby! Yeah!I see a lot of dirt on it, but it seems it survived.Whoa.I knew it.Blake, you’ve officially completed phase two of four.Do you want to see what the next challenge is?Yes.All right, Blake, for your third challenge,we’re going to be dropping flaming cars filled with gasolineon top of your money.Can you tell me how many cars?

– A lot?A lot.This is going to be the hardest phase yet.Not only will Blake have to deflect the attack from the sky,but he’ll also have to protect his money from the flammable gasolineseeping through the cracks of his defense.

And after we drop the cars, I have another surprise.Good luck.I want the crate with the money in it to be stuffed with concrete,that shipping container that’s just sitting.Plop that on top of the money.

Since Blake had been working so hard for the past few days, he ended up going right to sleep and saved most of his work the next day.And although he seemed confident, this challenge would soon prove itself to be more difficult than anything he’s ever faced in these videos.- Let’s go Blake!

– Come on, Blake!Alright, this is day four.I’m feeling like a zombie.We’re going to take the other shipping container that I have.We’re going to pick that up and we’re going to put itin a formation to where the point is facing up, so it’s like a pyramid.The cars will hit it, doom and fall, but not on the money.

We’ve got to get that shipping container on top as soon as possible.It’s starting to worry me a little bit.Over the next few hours.Blake did everything in his power to place the top shipping container at an angle to deflect the cars,even if that meant using wooden logs to prop it up.If this container does not go exactly where I want to right now,I’m probably losing a lot of money.

We did it.Oh, that makes me feel really good.The water tank, we bring that over to,like, right here, fill that thing with bricks,and then we’re going to take the last car we got.Put it right here.That’s going to block all this is going to look great.We got a plan, baby.But what Blake didn’t know is I was about to introduce a twist.

Do you want to know what the twist is?

Yeah. – Follow me.See that flag over there? That’s a catapult.So as cars fall from the top, giant flaming ball sare going to be hurled from the side.Dude, I’ve been guessing millions of things I never thought catapult.I have, like, no more materials. I have nothing else to use.Throughout the final hour, Blake raced to cover the weak spots of his fortress.

However, there was still a key part missing.His water truck,which he sent to refill in the morning, was painfully late.He has 90 seconds left. Alright, here we go.As always it comes down to the wire with Blake.60, 59, 58,54, He’s drenching everything in water before he drop the car to try to protect the money from the fire.30 seconds remain.You really think this is going to stop the fire?

Oh, yeah, baby.Three, two, one. Drop it.Just for that.I’m not showing mercy on the last one.- You knew that was going to happen, dude. – That was intentional.Oh man, moment of truth.Look how high up that bad boy is.This is only the first of five flaming cars.We’re going to be dropping.On top of the five flaming death balls from the catapult.- You ready? Blake? – Get this going, dude.Light it on fire!

Now drop it.Oh, no .Oh my Gosh!Hold on.Everything is actually setting on fire right now.The burning car successfully rolled off the container.However, the wood that Blake used to prop it up quickly engulfed in flames

Dude, what’s going on?

What is happening?

What in there is on fire, Blake?I don’t.I don’t even know what to say.What was on top of the shipping container?All right, there is wood there.Let’s not jinx it.Knock on wood.You put wood?And you knew we are dropping flaming cars?I needed to use them, dude.Luckily, Blake did surround his money with cinder blocks,so there’s still a very high likelihood his money is un burned.

And since we’re about to go into the coolest part of this video,obviously now I’m going to tell you about ACORNS.Their debit card is meant to help you grow your money, not just spend it,which I’ll tell you more about in a second, fire!ACORNS just launched the new Mighty Oak debit card.

They made with Dwayne Johnson Cool thing about this debit card is every time you make a purchase,it automatically rounds upto the nearest dollar and invest the difference for you.Believe it or not, your money is also under attack, not by flaming death balls, but by things like bills, spending and inflation.

Which is why when you’re not spending your money, you’ll be hard at working two of the highest APYs available.Chandler, what does APYs mean?It means you can fight back against bills and inflationby growing your money, just by having it in your account.Blake, how are you doing, buddy?I’m remembering what it feels like to lose one of these things.

Oh, it’s a direct hit.Right on the money.Just from signing up, ACORNS and I are giving you $20to start growing your money.So go to learn about how you can make your money work for you.Light it on fire!Drop it.The rain of fire continued all throughout the night.Oh, oh.And as the flames only grew bigger, things started to look reallybleak for Blake’s money.No, no, no.That fire was raging for over an hour and a half.

It’s either all going to be there or it’s not going to be there at all.That right there is a bunch of logs of wood.He accidentally created a giant bonfire.He thought he was making a fortress,but he was actually making a furnace.I mean, there’s still a chance the concrete protected the money.Blake, moment of truth.

Did your cinderblocksprotect your money or was the fire just too much?Oh, my God.Oh, no.Oh. Oh,Those are ruined.Wait, hold up. The money is fried.It’s a thousand degrees in there.Let’s be real with ourselves, Blake.It’s gone.

As you saw, most of the money looks like this.Another loss.Yeah. This one hurts more than the laser one.What hurts the most is that I worked so hard for nothing.Yeah, it sucks.The challenge is officially over.

And before you go, Blake, I have an offer for you.You have two choices.You can either walk away with $100,000, or you could get a third and final chance to compete in a future video.- All right, I’m coming back. – You’re coming back?

I’m coming back.Okay.Blake’s last chance to win a video is going to be right here, but it won’t be out until February.I don’t think me, the audience.Everyone can bear to see you lose a third time.I’ll see you then.

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