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Beginning around 1977, our lawyers have been focused on assisting harmed development with siting mishap casualties in New York. We realize how annihilating and costly a building site injury can be. That is the reason we’ll exceed everyone’s expectations to get significant pay for your benefit. The cash you get can assist with taking care of clinical expenses, lost wages, and even handicap.

Try not to stop for a second to contact our New York City law office to examine your case today. We’re free 100% of the time to accept your call, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days every year.

You Deserve an Experienced NYC Construction Accident Attorney

Development laborers have the most perilous jobs in New York City. In spite of intense New York work laws that expect managers to give safe working conditions, mishaps happen a ton. Consistently, many development laborers are killed on work sites across the city. Thousands more experience agonizing and incapacitating wounds.

Sadly, managers here and there slice corners to set aside cash. Those alternate routes at last put development laborers like you at risk.

At the point when you get injured on a building site, battling for pay will be one of the main things you do. Try not to entrust only any lawyer with your New York development mishap case. Despite the fact that you might be qualified for cash for your wounds, really getting cash in your grasp can be extreme. Insurance agencies, building site proprietors, and any careless outsiders will battle you constantly.

You have the right to work with a New York City individual injury law firm that has broad experience taking care of these difficult cases. At Mirman, Markovits and Landau, P.C., everything we do is private injury law. Our lawyers have been battling for harmed development laborers across the city for over forty years.

We know basically everything about New York work and development laws. We’re personally acquainted with the laborers’ pay framework and the stuff to get the advantages you merit. We know how to move toward your case and offer you the most obvious opportunity at getting the cash you merit.

Our forceful methodology has assisted us with getting a great many dollars in decisions and settlements for our harmed customers.

Our record of progress justifies itself:

$6.57 Million Verdict on sake of a Bronx development specialist who got injured on a place of work on account of his boss’ carelessness.

$2.25 Million Verdict obtained for the benefit of a Bronx development laborer who got injured in light of perilous work site conditions.

$2 Million Verdict secured for the group of a development specialist who tumbled off of a stepping stool and passed on a perilous Brooklyn building site.

At the point when you go to us for help after a building site mishap, you can profit from our almost 100 years of joined insight. There’s no danger in asking us for help, so call our NYC development mishap legal advisors to examine your case today.

We Handle All NYC Construction Accident Injury Cases

Our NYC development mishap lawyers are ready to assist you with requesting remuneration after you get injured at work. We handle all development mishap cases, including:

Brazing mishaps

Building breakdown

Blower mishaps

Crane mishaps

Cutting mishaps

Perilous or blemished gear mishaps

Dumpster mishaps

Electrical mishaps

Lift mishaps


Falling articles

Forklift mishaps

Gas blasts

Stepping stool mishaps

Logging mishaps

Nailer mishaps

Punch press glitches

Platform mishaps

Structure disappointment

Welding mishaps

Unfair passing, and that’s solely the tip of the iceberg.

On the off likelihood that you’ve been injured on a replacement royalty lot, we’re here to assist. we have a tendency to address injured development laborers in Brooklyn, the Bronx, island, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and Westchester.

Give USA a quick decision to look at your development injury case nowadays.

Who’s accountable for My Injuries when a NYC Construction Accident?

It’s tough to walk through town and not see one thing below development. Building locales square measure therefore traditional – therefore several people add the event business – that the state has passed some work laws to form the occupation as protected as may extremely be expected. These laws oftentimes direct UN agency is also accountable for your wounds when a mishap on a town lot.

General Contractors and Construction website homeowners

At the purpose once a land owner chooses to fabricate or modification a style within the town, they have to confirm that development representatives have a protected work atmosphere. Proprietors and general employees for rent square measure lawfully committed below Section two hundred of the ny Labor Law to “give smart and ample security to the lives, successfulness and security of all folks utilised therein or wrongfully visiting such places.”

All in all, land homeowners and general project employees got to notice ways that to ensure that building destinations square measure protected. On the off likelihood that square measure any potential risks may hurt a specialist, those ought to be cared-for. Laborers ought to have the essential successfulness hardware to try to to their work.

Site laborers ought to likewise be ready to try to to the occupation firmly. It’s up to the project employee and whoever claims the property below development to confirm that the location is in a very sanely protected condition.

Area 240 of latest York’s Labor Law is usually alluded to because the “Framework Law.” It spreads out however platform and alternative dangeorus lot hardware ought to be raised, got, and mounted on a website. It to boot provides injured laborers the choice to carry land homeowners also as broad employees for rent strictly in danger on the off likelihood that they get gashed by or on:




Stepping stools







Ropes, or totally different gadgets.

This half applies on the off likelihood that you just tried to boost, wreck, fix, change, paint, or clean a structure or construction.

Severe obligation implies that you just don’t got to demonstrate the owner or employee for rent was careless in any capability.


Building locales have a range of moving elements. At the purpose once associate overall project employee wins a bid, they delegate some of the work to subcontractors. Subcontractors square measure equally as accountable for giving a protected geographic point as broad project employees. presumptuous that you just get gashed and a contractor is guilty, you may probably think about them accountable for your wounds.

Specialists and designers

Laborers UN agency endure wounds on a replacement royalty {building website|vacant lot|lot} could likewise have the choice to contemplate site specialists or planners dependable. These consultants set up structures and constructions. At the purpose after they do in and of itself, they must stick with normally acknowledged expert principles. In ny town, designers and specialists got to make sure that locales square measure assessed habitually.

Did you get gashed thanks to a structure collapse or primary issue? Was a imperfect set up or lacking examination to fault? presumptuous this can be the case, the designer or modeller may well be on the snare for your wounds.

Gear makers

Building locales square measure loaded up with large countless varied bits of hardware and kit. Indeed, even the foremost precocious employee will get gashed once those machines square measure blemished. At the purpose after you get gashed at work as a results of a broken piece of hardware, you may probably hold the organization that made-up or oversubscribed it strictly accountable.

Could I Sue My leader when i buy Hurt on a replacement royalty Construction Site?

It depends. Everything development laborers will search for laborers’ pay edges when a mishap. presumptuous you record a laborers’ remuneration guarantee, you commonly put over your claim to document a private physical issue claim against your manager. In any case, you would possibly in any case claim all authority to sue another person presumptuous that you just got gashed on account of venturous operating conditions or unsafe hardware.

We’ll assist you get cash For All of Your Construction Accident Injuries

Some ny law offices can probably consent to require your case on the off likelihood that you’ve practised a fatal physical issue at work. that’s not cheap for you. You benefit money for every of the injuries you support on a NYC lot.

At Mirman, Markovits and Landau, P.C., we’ll get when remuneration for all of your lot wounds. No case is just too large or overly very little. decision USA for assistance on the off likelihood that you’ve been in a very mishap and endured:


Back injury

Broken bones


Chest injury

Pulverizing injury

Cuts and slashes

Eye injury

Head injury

Neck injury

Loss of motion

Spinal rope damage

Awful neural structure injury, or totally different wounds.

Contact North American nation nowadays to arrange a free counsel. Can’t create it into our NYC law workplace to look at your case? That shouldn’t forestall you from obtaining the assist you with worth. At the purpose after you can’t return to North American nation, our personal injury lawyers can return to you.

We can visit you reception, working, or perhaps at the medical clinic whereas you recuperate. you must merely decision North American nation and request facilitate. It’s simply straightforward.

Harms area unit accessible once a replacement royal house Construction Accident

Try to not misjudge the expenses of a development mishap injury. Doctor’s visit expenses will add up quickly. Indeed, even a somewhat minor injury will keep you from operating. Associate in Nursing abrupt loss of pay will create it extreme to trot out your everyday prices, to not mention the expenses of your physical issue.

At the purpose after you get separated on a replacement royal house lot, you’ll look for:

Benefits from a laborers’ remuneration protection strategy, or

Pay from a careless outsider (e.g., proprietor, employee for rent, engineer).

Laborers’ pay can limit your convalescence to money for hospital expenses, lost pay, and inability.

At the purpose after you record a claim, you’ll likewise have the choice to urge money for:

Agony and languishing

Enthusiastic pain, together with nervousness and sorrow



Nursing care

Distortion and scarring

Loss of pool .

Loss of happiness concerning

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