• Is UFC 3 cross-platform? As of 2023, UFC 3 is not supported cross-platform. This means that players on different platforms, namely PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, cannot compete against each other ⁶⁷⁸.
  • How ​​much does a UFC Gym membership cost? The base cost of the UFC Gym membership starts at $39 per month for the Limited plan. You also need to spend an additional $74 in fees for registration and processing fees. The most expensive UFC Gym plan is the Championship Membership, which costs $129 and includes the most access and amenities².
  • How ​​many times do UFC fighters fight per year? On average, UFC fighters fight 2 to 3 times per year. Lower ranked fighters generally fight more frequently to move up the ranks, while top fighters, such as champions and top challengers, only fight 1-2 times per year ¹³.
  • Which UFC fighter are you? Take this fun quiz to find out which UFC fighter you are most like

How Much is a UFC Gym Membership

I’m actually a member of a group, unlike most people who complain about UFC gyms. Most people here will say shit about the gym, so I’ll give my opinion.

First of all, I have a two year contract that I paid $900 for, which works out to about $37 per month and that includes all classes and use of the gym at any time. You can’t just sign up for certain courses.

As for MMA, all I would say is BE CAREFUL. UFC gyms offer two types of classes, fitness and technical. Fitness classes will mostly take place on heavy bags and technique classes will take place either in a ring or on a mat. I don’t take fitness classes and only go to technique classes. Many people will skip fitness class thinking they can throw a punch and get their butt handed to them in technique class. Right now, technique wise, I can follow Thia Boxing about 4 times a week and bjj 4 times a week as well, but that splits my time between two different branches.

Check it out and make sure the leader explains the class schedule to you so you know what each class does. A class called boxing would make you think of a technology class, but it would be fitness.

Also be careful when doing personal training. Most of what I’ve seen is complete crap, with only about 10% worth it. Look at other trainers and get a feel for what they do.

As for MMA…you won’t become a fighter in a UFC Gym. I just use it as a springboard myself. They are very friendly. This can be good and bad sometimes. At first it’s nice not to be the only beginner in class, but once you start learning some skills it gets a little old to always have to explain something to someone you know doesn’t will never show up for another class.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I also live in an area where there are a lot of high level gyms and most instructors try to turn them into fighters with a good amount of skill. My instructor Thia is very good and what he does and my BJJ coach is a brown belt who trains under a lot of black belts.

How Many Times do UFC Fighters Fight a Year

This varies, especially if the fighter is injured during a fight. Sometimes it’s just about healing. Often the fighter is not allowed to fight for x months after an injury.

That said, a few fighters may fight more than four times a year. Three to four times is pretty normal. Some only fight once or twice a year.

MMA Fighter, BJJ Purple Belt, Wrestler5y

How long do MMA fighters train before a fight? The body obviously can’t effectively train for more than 8 hours a day, right?
You are absolutely right. Most fighters cannot train 8 hours a day (there are exceptions of course). But it is normal to work up to 4-6 hours a day, up to 6 days a week. Having at least one day of rest is extremely crucial, otherwise you risk injuries which are numerous during combat camps.

My pre-fight camp normally consists of 2-3 training sessions per day: the 1st session covers cardio and conditioning, with the 2nd focusing on techniques and sparring.

On average, I trained up to 4 hours a day for 6 days a week. This is also in addition to a full-time work schedule. It’s extremely hard on the body, so I try to get enough sleep, drink a gallon of water a day, eat right, and take my vitamins.

I hope this helps you!

Which UFC fighter do you wish would never have injury issues to see their full potential?

Dominick “Hell, not again” Cruz.

Dominick was arguably the first modern bantamweight fighter. The kind that combined constant movement with impeccable timing to keep opponents off rhythm and hitting them from absurd angles.

Cruz started it, T.J. Dillashaw perfected it.

We just don’t know what would have happened if he had never been injured. It’s as if his body was waiting for the announcement of a fight before deciding to collapse.

He was supposed to train The Ultimate Fighter but tore his ACL.

While he was supposed to fight Renan Barao, he tore his groin.

We would have had Cruz against Barao!

When the title fight with T.J. was first announced that he had torn the ACL in his other knee.

When he lost to Cody Garbrandt, he said he suffered from plantar fascia tendonitis throughout camp.

He broke his arm before his fight with Jimmie Riviera.

This year he injured his shoulder before his fight with John Lineker.

The man has been playing the sport for over a decade, but most of his activity is spent in stoppage time. It’s very easy to see Dominick dominating the very top of the UFC bantamweight division, even Today.

T.J., Cody, Jimmie, Asuncao even throw Cejudo in there. Dominick can beat them – if his arm doesn’t decide to fall off

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