Is Building a DYSON SPHERE Really Possible?

Hello friends, I am Gaurav and this is Kepler 452 and this is Tabby Star. Both stars are almost the same size, of the same type and are even at the same distance from Earth. However, this is the Tabby Star. Here we see it dark. And the interesting thing is that this change in this star has only occurred in the last few years.

As you know, scientists mainly continue to look for stars that dim under such unnatural and inexplicable circumstances because these are two main causes. It turns out that, firstly, we learn about new and invisible phenomena in space, and secondly, according to a popular theory, if an advanced civilization lives somewhere, such faint stars can be evidence of its identity, because there is a possibility that some advanced civilizations The alien civilization may have covered the star with a megastructure called the Dyson Sphere to siphon the star’s energy.

Now you know what’s strange about it. The scientist seems to think that in Tabby’s case the second option is absolutely correct. I mean, cover an entire star. Is it even possible for a civilization to build such a huge megastructure because the planets revolving around a star are almost as small as a particle of dust? If we actually try to build a Dyson sphere around our sun, then the size will be so large that its radius will extend to the orbit of our Earth.

So the question is: Was there even a civilization? Where do the resources come from for such a large structure? And if we want to build a similar ultra structure in the future, what do we have to do? Will there be technical and technical difficulties and will it be possible to overcome them? Well, to make all these tickets, we first need to understand how and under what circumstances such a far-fetched idea of ​​covering a star with an artificial man-made structure was born. Because behold, 600 years ago, when Leonardo da Vinci He also made a portrait of a working helicopter. Although there were no airplanes at that time, there were birds at that time, which he often saw flying by flapping their wings.

But in the case of Dyson Sphere there is nothing like it around us and that is why I ask again what would have been the inspiration behind this idea and what would have been the thought that first came up with this idea when he put it forward In the mid-1950s, satellite batteries were typically charged on Earth, and once they ran out, the satellite was technically discarded and became part of space debris or air pollution, but then, in 1958, NASA launched Earth’s first satellite called Nerd One, who was able to charge his batteries in space using solar panels.

Although this launch was not directly related to the Dyson Spear topic, a very strange question came to mind during this NASA launch by a scientist, Freeman Dyson: What if we humans, like these satellites, first placed solar panels around the Earth would start? Second, by connecting all of these solar panels, they formed a single sphere. The third step was to extract the sun’s energy through this sphere, because at that time scientists knew very well that only half of the total solar energy can reach the earth’s surface.

Also this: our modern solar panels are only capable of 20 -fold energy into electricity. Even at current efficiency, sucking in the sun from all sides could give us ten times more energy than at least five. And what does so much energy mean?

With energy, we could power the entire Earth for a trillion years, and that was the reason and time when this far-fetched idea was first born in Freeman’s mind. If this idea is so useful, then of course there is another point.

But if we start to feel less energy from the sun falling on Earth, then maybe we need to use this idea, and if we use it, then it can’t be that some advanced extraterrestrial civilization is already using it, that is So great.

That the discovery of a Dyson sphere or similar structure around a star can be an indication of the presence of an advanced civilization in that solar system, and this was the second reason why this Dyson sphere concept by Freeman Dyson became a major breakthrough in that time and the discovery of intelligent life forms had become an obsession of the cosmologists of that time, that is, until now all the countries that were just shooting in the dark in search of aliens have found a direction thanks to this idea of ​​Freeman.

Now all they had to do in the open universe was figure out which stars were dimming excessively and which stars were flickering normally, and finally, after many years of searching, how difficult this would be for us in 2015. Well, according to Oxford University scientist Stuart Armstrong, Freeman’s model is completely impractical.

In fact, Armstrong had been working for many years on various solutions for how humans could colonize places other than Earth. During this time he used the design of Freeman’s Dyson sphere. He also studied and then they realized that there are two main problems with this design.

First, to build such a huge structure we need at least as much material as the mass of Jupiter. If you can’t guess how much material it is, let me know. Remember that the sphere you are standing on and you can’t see in any direction beyond it, 1300 planets the same size as Earth can fit in a Jupiter and the second big flogger, even by accident any asteroid will hit some one Part of the sphere .

Then the entire structure will be dismantled in the blink of an eye and fall into the sun, that is, this analysis of Armstrong was a big setback for the idea of ​​license fear, but not complete because he also foresaw the way of comeback from it setback for Freeman.

Instead of scrapping the idea entirely, Armstrong came up with a new design to solve it that could squeeze out virtually all of the sun’s energy using individual and separate solar panels. He basically called this model “dance form” after Armstrong. Instead of covering the entire sun, we can harvest all of the sun’s energy by installing solar panels in just a few areas.

According to this new structure, one and a half large solar panels will revolve around the sun in the form of individual rings. The large area will be covered with reflectors and they will then focus the sunlight onto the solar cells so that energy can be generated from them and after converting all the energy into microwave radiation they will send it to the earth in the form of beams.

This is exactly where microwave radiation is the reason. Since only visible light, microwaves and radio waves can pass through the earth’s atmosphere and are used by these radio waves for communication, in such a situation, when energy is transmitted via radio waves, problems arise due to interference in communication and visible light. It dissipates once it reaches the atmosphere, so it makes no sense to send energy through this spectrum and that’s why microwaves were chosen.

The energy coming from the Dyson form will reach Earth in the form of microwave radiation, after which these radiations will be converted back into different types of energy. The biggest advantage of this entire design is that even if an anasteroid collides with a solar panel, only that solar panel will be destroyed and not the entire structure.

You can see how to do it here. A small change from Armstrong eliminated a major drawback of this Dyson sphere, but still it’s just putting the cart before the horse, because these 10 million solar panels will be a crucial step before even bringing the energy from the Dyson form to Earth can be.

How to make it and send it into space? Where do we get the resources necessary to build such a huge megastructure? So when Armstrong calculated the mass of material needed to make the Dyson shape, he came to the realization that even if these little satellites formed a ring of water, it would take almost that to make a Dyson sphere requires the same amount of material, and if we want that much material, we have to extract the material from Mercury and Mars and build solar panels on both planets.

In addition, after the panels are built, a rocket launch station must also be set up to launch them directly towards the sun, which in short means that this entire process will only be possible for us humans if others help us.

Going to the planet and living there It can be as simple as going to another country, because only in this case we will be able to create the conditions for the creation and introduction of the Tysons form there, and many Scientists say that it will take about 1000 years for human civilization to build a modern megastructure like any other to reach this level in all Dyson spheres or Dyson shapes and with their help to extract the star’s energy . It is becoming increasingly difficult to detect, and that is why most scientists believe that the TubStar, which appeared faint in 2015, is most likely not due to a Dyson sphere, but possibly a dust cloud.

After all, something similar recently happened to the Beetle Zooz. It was also initially said that it darkened unnaturally, but it later turned out that there was a large cloud of dust behind its darkening. I covered it up, but let’s assume we’re already this far along in the future. Will the effort still be worth it, because according to some scientists, just extracting the material from mercury will require so much energy that we will spend half the energy we get from the sun in the same work, and if we add the energy for extracting material from Mars to the same work, then more energy will have been expended in making them than the energy we get from the Dyson form. It’s like someone gives you ₹2,000,000, but to get it you have to spend ₹0,000.

This just means that the result will be less profitable from an energy perspective compared to the effort we put into this entire process. But yes, it is also possible that we will calculate this energy economy based on our current technological progress and with further advances we will be able to make energy production exponential and efficient. Yet our idea is in a very poor mental state. Just think, if every civilization had initially weighed innovative ideas only in terms of profit and loss, then all of the scientific inventions made today would never have been made. Take, for example, space exploration in 4000 years.

Previously, the idea of ​​going into space was limited to just one book, and if scientists had weighed it on the scale of profit and loss, the idea would have been limited to books even today, but fortunately there were some scientists back then who turn this implemented idea into profit. And instead of viewing it as an equation of loss, they acted with the motivation to explore and gain knowledge, and that is why space travel is possible today.

Now the off-course also presents many such ideas straight from science fiction that are practical according to the rules and regulations of physics. According to scientific principles they are not possible, but many people become too ambitious, waste money and time on them and in the end cannot achieve anything. This means that there is a very fine line between scientific invention and scientific error, which is very important to understand and this is why.

That this concept of the Dyson Sphere is among the many ideas that have been passing through the arguments of fiction and reality for many years, but only for us because, according to some scientists, there are some such highly advanced civilizations in the Universe, called Type Seven . Civilizations that can literally create and destroy the entire universe. In fact, if you believe in spirituality, then perhaps those we call God could be these very beings. In such a situation, making Dyson balls would be a piece of cake for this civilization.

So what is the possibility that such a civilization would ever exist, and have we already found evidence of this in our scientific research? I have covered this entire interesting topic in detail in my video and I would highly recommend you to watch it.

So friends, how real do you think this Dyson Sphere concept is? Write your opinion in the comments below. Do you think this would be possible in the future or not? And if you learned something new from this video, please give the channel a like. Subscribe to see such interesting videos in the future. Until then, always stay curious and keep learning Jai Hind

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