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How to wake up energetic in the morning?

The feeling of liveliness and loss of energy in the morning is affected not only by the duration and quality of sleep, but also by the time of awakening. According to circadian measures, the accumulation of cortisol, the liveliness hormone, is highest between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. and this is the optimal time to climb.

Your morning condition is also affected by the waking phase of sleep. The entire night sleep cycle consists of light (fast) and deep (slow) phases. When we wake up from the mild phase, we feel much better. Waking up from deep sleep is really delicate

Under normal conditions, the complete sleep cycle is between 80 and 90 blinks. 4-6 cycles are enough to get enough sleep. Our goal, for morning vivacity, is to wake up in the rapid sleep phase, which completes the cycle, in the interval of maximum cortisol accumulation from 6 to 8 in the morning.

At the time of the rapid phase, you wake up smoothly with a small noise. There is a wide variety of on-demand smart alarm clocks, which can be set as an operation. These alarm clocks can adjust the volume. The first alarm clock can be set to truly silent mode 20 blinks before the expected wake-up, which will take you out of the fast phase, if you are in it, the alternative in 10 blinks – at an advanced volume -, and the third, at maximum volume .

The timing is provisional, you can start experimenting with the alarm volume at least one hour before the requested wake-up time to wake up directly in the quick phase. Over time, the body will start to wake up without an alarm clock!

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