Google Search Console Errors and Solutions

Google Search Console Errors and Solutions

  • The video discusses the daily quota limit in Google Search Console.
  • The author cites a previous post where he encountered an error stating that the URL was not indexed.
  • The author conducted live testing to verify the URL’s presence in the post and URL.
  • The author notes that the error is not an error but a notification from Google.
  • The error indicates a limit to checking URLs.
  • The author advises checking the URL within the limit, not repeatedly.
  • The author suggests checking the URL after a day or two to avoid the error.
  • If the author can’t submit or get the article checked or indexed, they suggest checking it after 24 or 48 hours.

Assalam alekum, in today’s video we will talk about the career of Google Search Console. You can see that I have written a post a while back,in this post and in all my other posts, I am seeing only one error which is the same in today’s video. The day is famous to me,now let’s check its URL from here in Google Search Console.

This post of mine is not indexed yet because I had written this post some time ago.You can see that the URL is not on Google. Okay, so live test it here.

Let’scheck through live testing, is there anypresence in the post or in the URL?I am doinglive testing in front of you. It takes alittle time because ittests the URL live for you and can tell me ifsomeonegets four green ticks out of four.

And the URLis available, you Google, this is Google’s ownbecause I tested it live, there isno masala in the posted URL, butwhen I click on the requesting button here,you will also see this, I havesubmitted it, see this one. Error, what will we take,no notification, what will we take, todayI am seeing this habit again and again whenever Icheck my URL orpaste it in the post your inspection, onlyand only today I am seeing this habit.

Now basically this is not an error, this is a notification from Google, from the search console, in this they have said that now basically what this means is that today there is a limit to check your URL, there is a limit.

If you want to check the URL, then you can check it by staying within the limit. It is not that you are checking it again and again by pasting it in the URL Inspection daily 10-12 posts and requesting indexing.

This is what I mean, come again tomorrow, if you check it tomorrow then inshallah you will not get this error, okay you have to check it after a day or two,your URL is absolutely fine, your post is absolutely fine, there is no void in your post, now this is what they told.

That today’squota has been filled, yourlimit means it is one, if you want toreduce it within the limit, then that limit will be fulfilled todayor on this day, there is no post in your URL,no post in your inspection. Or if you can’t submit or get the article checked or indexed, then the solution is that ifyou check it after 24 hours or 48 hours,it will be absolutely fine.This is not an error, it is just anotification of the limit.

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