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Thank you for your question, I think it is interesting and concerns many expats looking to rent in Luxembourg/surrounding areas.

Rents in Luxembourg City and its immediate surroundings range from relatively expensive to expensive by most standards.

Many people’s first instinct would be to look across the border, in France, Belgium and Germany, because rents are only a fraction of the price in Luxembourg (I would say 1/4 to 1/ 3 of the price). I would advise all expats to consider the tax, lifestyle and social security implications of choosing such an option.

Many claim that the tax deductions for families, the excellent social security coverage and the general level of infrastructure are actually very good value for money in Luxembourg. I would agree.

There is also a very large expatriate community centered around Luxembourg. By putting yourself, your spouse/children in close proximity to like-minded peers with whom you have a lot in common as well as tens of thousands of other expats, you may find integration easier than you expected.

There is quite a bit of activity in the expat community. And Luxembourg City itself is a lot of fun for a city of its size. But not everything happens downtown. Many events also take place in towns like Mamer within 10 km of the city borders. You can certainly live within 10 miles of the city without feeling like you’re missing out on much. Additionally, living outside the city means living in untouched nature, which is a pleasant experience in itself.

Travel can sometimes be difficult due to rush hour traffic. Cycling (especially electric bikes) can be an almost perfect solution for those who live within 10 km of the city. Cycling trails are plentiful and relatively safe, the weather is tolerable most of the year. Public transport within a 15km radius of the city is generally adequate and major international schools offer a bus service to many areas within this radius.

Esch-sur-Alzette is also well connected to the city by public transport, but it is already a bit on the other side of the world from Luxembourg City.

In conclusion, I would advise looking for places within 15 km and easily accessible by public transport.

Thanks for your question, I hope you found my an

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