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Scientists consistently say that excess ultraviolet radiation increases the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. Therefore, today few people go to the beach without slathering their entire body with SPF cream. But recent studies give more and more reasons to argue that sunbathing with sunscreen is sometimes more dangerous than without it.

I have never used sunscreens with SPF, I think these products create an imaginary feeling of security.

First of all, do not forget that in addition to ultraviolet rays, there are also infrared rays in the composition of sunlight. Infrared rays (ICA) are the most dangerous, they can cause damage to the skin of the dermis.

In one study, scientists influenced ICA with rays on the buttocks of 23 volunteers so that the temperature was equivalent to that which reaches us from the sun. As a result of this effect, the skin’s collagen began to collapse and antioxidant systems were depleted.


Dermatologists say that using sunscreen prevents melanoma, but there is currently no data to support this. In contrast, the incidence of melanoma in developed countries has increased 15-fold in several decades, despite the wide-scale use of SPF products. Many people see this as an inverse relationship.

Filters do not protect against all types of radiation, so it is best to wear a headdress, closed beach clothing and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Residents of Asia and Africa even swim dressed! And only Europeans, trying to make the most of their vacation days, risk their health under the scorching sun with the confidence that sunscreen will protect them. Yes, there are studies according to which the use of creams with vitamin D and the normal level of this vitamin in the blood help reduce the risk of burns. But even natural creams with SPF have a very low protective factor.


The safest products are those with physical filters, specifically zinc oxide, without nanoparticles. Their only drawback is that they can dry out the skin. There are some questions about preservatives and oils, but the products work and are as safe as possible:

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